Sheraton @ Panama – Executive Suite

  • Sheraton @ Panama - Executive Suite - 02
    Decoration with blurred background.
  • Sheraton @ Panama - Executive Suite - 01
    Clear picture of the decoration

During my past stay at the Sheraton Grand Panama, I was fortunate enough to be given a complimentary upgrade to their executive suite. In case you were wondering, there are three suite types: Executive, Royal and Presidential so just by their names you can tell I am far from a presidential royal hotshot (and I don’t get why Presidential > Royal, but anyway, I digress). As part of the SPG Platinum program, you are given complimentary upgrades to the best available room at checkin including standard suites (the lowest tier) in several of their hotel chains. Not sure how that is going to play out with Marriott taking over but fingers crossed the program only gets better. So the cool thing about this room is that I got a view over the pool on two windows and on the largest one you get to see the ocean (you can see my previous post where I share a picture from there), pretty nice if you ask me!

Now, onto the picture itself. This time I saw this really cool looking center piece in the living room and I told myself, I need to snap a picture of it. 50 pictures later and this is the result. Maybe this should had been one of those “what I am looking at series” but I am not sure what this is supposed to be other than an awesome looking center piece. The clever play with the shapes/forms and colors of the spheres seems pretty genius to me. On top of that it is placed over a minimalistic but very nicely curved plate that does an incredible contrast between the richness of the spheres and the plainness of the plate. So I tried different angles and finally settle for this one. As you can see, the table it sits on top of is also of silver color with some texture to it. The silver plate because of its finish is almost like a mirror and reflects that texture on itself; again contrast is at play with the bottom side reflecting the table’s surface with the inner side that is just smooth. A fantastic play envisioned by the interior designer who arranged for the furniture in this room. Taking things up a notch, we have in the background the minibar and a picture hanging from the wall. I thought this was a great shot because we have the silver dominated table and center piece contrast with the vivid colors of the picture behind it. Add a little mirror on top of the minibar and I believe this picture truly captures the essence of the entire room. As always, I decided to play a little bit with the blur so I aded a picture taken with it and one without it. Another thing that I really like is the play with the sizes; we have this large living room as a background and as the main subject a small centerpiece but because we took the picture from a short distance we can play with the background blurring it a little but also enlarging the subject while also keeping it into context and sharing the rest of the story which is the suite in itself. Hope you liked it!


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