Mystery photo – Guess what I am seeing – 01

  • Mystery Photo - Guess what I am seeing - 01
    Dropping some more light into the picture
  • Mystery Photo - Guess what I am seeing - 01.4
    You can almost tell what this place is
  • Mystery Photo - Guess what I am seeing - 01.3
    The original challenge
  • Mystery Photo - Guess what I am seeing - 01.2
    Up side down?
  • Mystery Photo - Guess what I am seeing - 02.2
  • Mystery Photo - Guess what I am seeing - 02.1

Alright, this is a tough one (for me). I am supposed to talk about the picture yet I am trying to get you to guess what it is. So, one thing I noticed from trying to take this picture is that I just couldn’t (neither could with my camera.) The human eye has an amazing dynamic range while our cameras don’t (yet). We really don’t appreciate how amazing the human body is because we are so used to it.

Anyway, I caught a glance of this and I thought it looked pretty awesome and went ahead and tried many different shots and angles but never managed to get the picture I wanted. I’m sorry… really everything I am coming up with would reveal too much so I am going to keep it short for now. I’ll give you guys some time to comment below your thoughts and then when it is too obvious I’ll update the post and include more details and the rest of the pictures.

Now, to make this slightly more interesting and to celebrate our 200+ followers, the first person that posts exactly what and where this is (like include a link of a picture of the place) will earn an upvote from me on the comments section. For double bonus, you can make a post about how you figured it out (please be kind) linking & re-steeming this one to earn another upvote from me. I’ll give you guys at least 24 hours to figure it out before I spill the soup; I know you can pull it off! I generally have my voting power around 90% and I know my vote isn’t worth much… but it’s something, right? plus we only do it for the fun in it, right? lol. So pull out your detective hat and dust off your magnifying glass!

As always, your comments and feedback are warmly welcomed!

>Update 1
> Ok… I have a confession to make… I did not think this through. I am looking on the internet for a picture of this place… yet all I can find are pictures that don’t show this view. So… if I am having a hard time (and I know this place), then you are going to have an even harder time guessing with certainty where this picture was taken at. In that case, I’ve decided to give another 24 hours for people to guess this place (surprised no one has) and guess what we are looking at in the picture. If no one guesses the place correctly then I will award the upvote to whoever guesses what this is first. Problem being, some answers are more thorough than others. Could split the vote as well, but not sure what’s the best way to approach this issue. Hoping you guys can share some insights / ideas. Good luck!

>Update 2
> Well, I was busy all day and it seems you guys were too. I’ll wrap this up tomorrow, but I’ll close the entires / submissions now. Because of that, I’ll drop some more pictures that might help you figure this place out. Seeing no one has guessed it thus far… I guess I’ll still accept submissions for guesses of what place this is until tomorrow when I reveal it all!

>Update 3 (Winners announcement!)

>   Well, seems no one figured the place so will be giving away the price to those who guessed the object correctly. 5 people guessed close enough to be considered winners, so I am going to split my vote in the following way: Each person will be graded in two ways, first they will receive points based on the order of their responses and secondly they will receive points based on how good their answer was. Basically, the best answer gets 5 points and the first answer gets 5 points. Seeing there are (5+4+3+2+1)*2 = 30 points total, each point is worth 3.33… so I’ll give you guys 4% vote for each point you get. Actually, let’s double that to 8% per point to make this more exciting and rewarding! (so you don’t feel short changed either 😉 Also, 3 of you basically point blank guessed lamp / decorative lighting at some point, so the 4, 3 and 2 points will be awarded all as 3 points as a tie. I will then assign a percentage of the vote value based on each person’s points and award that to each. Here is my excel to help me out with this:

name Answer grade Time grade Total points Vote power
chadee 3 5 8 64%
talking-crypto 1 4 5 40%
spartans3 5 3 8 64%
dinaudic 3 2 5 40%
devyanka 3 1 4 32%

As you can see, the equivalent of 2.4 votes will be spread out in that order to the 5 winning participants. Thanks for participating and stopping by! Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh I forgot… This picture was taken at the Panama City Sheraton and it is of the Lounge area. I really liked the lamps they have here but because of the high level of brightness compared to the rest of the lounge you really struggle to get a picture that looks as good as what you appreciate with your naked ye. So imagine seeing the entire restaurant well light while also enjoying the glass marbles with air bubbles look almost the same as in the “dark pictures”! In one of my next series of pictures you’ll get to enjoy seeing some of their Hors d’oeuvre and desserts.

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