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Good morning from Panama!

Today I woke up a little bit early and decided to take this chance to go out biking around the Cinta Costera. Really got some amazing pictures all around but this is one in particular I would like to share with all of you. Near the seafood market (Mercado de Mariscos) you have a tiny bay looking thing. There, you can find this one plant full of flowers right by the water which made for some stunning pictures of the sun rise, the water and the fishing boats.

The first picture of these series I would like to share is the one I believe captures the whole scenery best. Here we can appreciate the sun rising over the horizon and the clouds. You can appreciate part of the skyline of Panama City on the left side as well. On the water you can see several of the fishing boats that anchor there. Many carrying the Panama flag but there is particularly one on the left side were you can clearly appreciate the flag, the whole five flags! On the foreground you have the plant full of flowers facing the sun out of focus to concentrate on the bay and the boats.


The second picture expands on the subject but this time we bring the flowers into focus. Made them a more significant part of the picture and now the fishing boats serve as a great backdrop next to the city skyline. One thing I really love about these pictures is the reflection of the sun on the water and how that golden color brings warmth to the whole picture and pairs so well with the flowers. It really brings a sense of early warmth looking at them.

Finally, I wanted to take a picture that would focus on the flowers itself. Found another perspective so we could really have the flowers be the solo subject of the picture. Again, there is this morning glow that somehow you can appreciate in the picture. Even though you don’t know the time of day, the direction of the sunlight and the colors tell you this is a morning picture. Tried to do the little blur magic but unfortunately though it worked great on the outsides, if you look were the leafs are you can see the phone just didn’t do a good job. On the plus side, the rocks and the water as a blur background is freaking awesome. There is tranquility and stability that again provides a solid foundation for the plant and the picture.

Hope you enjoyed this small gallery of picture!




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